Q: How do I order a costume?

A: Keep an eye out via mailing list or on our social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, FurAffinity and FaceBook for announcements on when my auctions go live or I'm open for offers.

But first have a read threw SparkyCanDo's Terms and Conditions, found at the bottom of this page.


Q: Can you ship to my country?

A: Yes, haven't found one we can't send to yet!


Q: How long does shipping take?
A: We ship by courier and depending on where you are in relation to New Zealand, it takes 
between 2-6 working days. Weather and other conditions may slow it down (I'm looking at you Christmas and New Years)

Q: Once I win an auction and the contract is signed, how long will

it take until my costume starts being worked on/is finished?
A: Depending on what I'm working on and how quickly you can send me your

DTD and other measurements I should have it done with in three to five months.

Q: How does your payment plan work?
A: When an offer is taken or auction won, I need the contract signed and 50% deposit paid within five days.

The rest must be paid with in one month.
that I will not start on your costume until the full amount is paid up.
You can of course pay it all up front if you wish.

Q: Do I need to make a Duct-Tape-Dummy?
A: Yes, I will only make a costume with a customer's DTD even if the costume

doesn't have digitigrade legs and padding. It makes for the best fit!

I made a DTD tutorial to help out, it can be found at the bottom of this page!




Q: Do you double sew your seams?
A: Yep! I sure do, and over lock them too so it's neat and tidy on the inside!
I use very strong thread so there should never be a machine sewn seam popping.

Q: What are your eyes made of?

A: My eyes are made of plastic (3D printed) they are very strong and durable.
The iris color is semi-waterproof, hand painted on buckram then sealed.


Q: How do you see through the costume?
A: Your see through the costume's pupils/iris, which are made from a see through buckram material. You can see through the mouth most times too.


Q: What furs do you use?
A: I use many kinds of "fake" furs I order online from all over the world.

If you ever want a particular kind of fur or have found one you like "that's of good quality" we'd be more than happy to look into it for use.


Q: What style of costumes do you offer?
A: I specialise in cartoony costumes the most but don't mind having a play in the

more realistic side or mascot type styles.


Q: Can you make me a costume from a T.V series, Movie or Game?
No, I can't make anything that has a copyright or character that doesn't belong to you.



About 'Sparky':


Q: How many people make up SparkyCanDo?
A: Just one! You'll always be talking to 'Sparky' when you contact me through email, social media or Telegram.


Q: Where do you live?
A: I live in New Zealand and work from my home workshop.

Q: What's the best way to contact you?
A: I prefer by E-mail SparkyCanDo@gmail.com

But do reply "most of the time" to comments on my social medias!

Q: How many years have you been making costumes for?

A: Ten years "officially" in business but started when I was fifteen years old so that's around thirteen years total!