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Terms & Conditions


To get a quote, you will need a reference sheet of the character you want made.
This applies even if you are only wanting a head or partial costume.
Commissions are only accepted once a contract has been signed and a 50% deposit has been made.
Take note that I must have a DTD "Duct Tape Dummy" of you to make a fullsuit costume.
I will send you progress pictures of your costume’s build this way you can comment or suggest along the way for improvements or slight changes.
Also keep in mind that, once the suit is complete, I will not take apart and re-do patterns, so be clear as to what you’re wanting when placing an order.


If the costume you receive is not working how it should be, provided the client's information was accurate and it was my fault something is malfunctioning, I will be available for fixing the problem within 60 days from the client receiving the costume via post.
If after eight months I have not completed your commission you are entitled to a cancellation and complete refund of your commission.


- I will not make a costume of a character with copyrights or trademarks. When placing your order, you acknowledge that you own copyrights, trademarks or any other distribution usage rights of your character and assume responsibility for it.

- You acknowledge and allow for a maximum completion time of eight months. Commissions are finished earlier but you agree to this in order to allow for unexpected circumstances which might delay your commission order.

- I do not use any real animal parts in my costumes. No real leather, fur, teeth, noses, antlers, etc. All work is made of synthetic materials and items, where fur is artificial, and noses, teeth, horns or antlers are made from plastics, fake leather or other man-made materials.

- I don't hold any responsibility for damages, injuries or allergic reactions to my work. Costume use is under the client's responsibility.

- I may use whatever pictures or video footage I take of your commission to promote my business.


The 50% deposit must be paid within seven days of receiving this contract.
I have the right to cancel the commission, if need be, otherwise.
The rest must be paid up before I start the commission.
If the client cancels the commission for any reason, 10% will not be refunded.
That 10% goes straight into my spending funds for materials and also stands as a consistency point for making sure you can afford your commission.
There's no going back with that 10%.
My preferred method of payment is via bank transfer.

Measurements and "Duct Tape Dummies":

I require accurate measurements and a Duct Tape Dummy provided by the client.
I've made my own DTD Tutorial to help you guys out. It can be found on my website "at the bottom of this page"
Give it a look before starting on one. Do note, if you provide wrong measurements and find that the suit does not fit, I will not be taking it back and re-making it unless we come to an agreement on costs for the edit(s).


Shipping is free! However, import duties, taxes, and other charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to commissioning.
Shipping normally takes 4-7 working days.
You may experience delays or longer shipping times due to customs related issues or holiday delays.

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