Looking for EXPERT tutorial videos on how to

make your very own AMAZING fursuits?
"cups mouth and yells (HELL YEAH) like it came from someone else"

Ooo boy are you in for a treat!
I'm VERY interested in making a ten part series that will walk you threw the process of fursuit making, I'm talking about very nice, high quality, detailed videos here! 

"a mama meea"


If this is something you would really like to see happen and invest in, then please, sign up to this mailing list below so I can keep you posted and see how many of you peeps would be digging this idea.

I would be looking to sell the ten part series for around $50NZD and to start production in early 2019! =D

"or sooner"

I'm open to your thoughts and suggestions!


Thanks for checking this fun project out!
~Your friendly friend Sparky >^^<

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Help me make you guys awesome tutorials!

Detailed ten part fursuit making tutorial series.