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Get a Suit!


I'm always OPEN to talking about commission spots via email.
Make sure to read this page first before messaging, thanks!

I sometimes list auctions over on TheDealersDen.
Subscribe to my mailing list "at the bottom of the page" to keep up to date
on when those go live + other updates. ^^

I keep my commission list very low so turn around time is fast!
Feel free to ask me about the time frame for your costume.


Note: All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

Base Prices

Fullsuit: $28,000.ooNZD
(Head, hands, feet, bodysuit & tail)

Partial: $19,600.ooNZD
(Head, hands, feet & tail)

Head: $9800.ooNZD
(Just a head)

- Magnetic changing eyebrows: $800
- Magnetic changing eyelids: $400
-Magnetic indoor/outdoor soles: $1500

Watch this feature video for examples of magnetic options!


Medium complex pattern   -   Complex pattern   -   Very complex pattern
$1000            -            $1700            -            $2500+

Digigrade padded legs: $2000 (any type)
Slim digi legs     -     
Normal digi legs     -     Dropped crotch digi legs

- Moving-jaw: $500
- Wings small: $2800
- Wings large: $3200+
- Nylon Whiskers: $500

- Extra large tail: $400
- Arm-wings: $2500

- Horns: $200-1000+ depending on size/amount
- Spikes: $200-1000+ depending on size/amount
- LED's: $200-1000+ depends on how many

Anything else we've missed that you really want? Just send us an email

and we'll let you know if it's do-a-ble and how much extra it will cost.

Website Digi Leg Types.png
Website Pattern Complexity.png

The step by step break down!

Step 1.

Have your character's reference sheet ready to go!
Send your reference with any enquire/quote for a commission spot.
During an auction or listing,
email me for pre-approval of said character
and for a run down on how much "Extras" may cost you.

Step 2.
A "base price", auction or listing starts you off with a simple patterned costume, a static jaw,

small to medium size tail, any expression you want, normal plantigrade legs, paws or hooves,

2D or 3D eyes and a simple hairstyle.

Step 3.
If you want extras for your character, like a moving jaw, digigrade legs, complex pattern

or horns, you can find set prices for most of these items on this page above.
I can give you a quote on how much your pattern and other odd parts will cost
when you send in your reference sheet for a quote or pre-approval.

Step 4.
Add up all your "Extras" so you know while bidding/purchasing how much more the final amount will be.
The price of all your "Extras" will be added up on top of your winning bid.
So if the auction/listing is $28,000 and your "Extras" are $2500 then the total cost will be $30,500.


Step 5.
Have fun bidding or buying a commission! >^^<
Once you have a commission spot, I'll get in contact with you to start the contract/payment process.
Let the FUN BEGIN!


Each auction will be announced via our Mailing List, Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook and FurAffinity.
Subscribe to our mailing list and follow "SparkyCanDo" on our social medias so you know when our auctions/listings go live instantly!
Or email us with an offer and we can have a chat about your commission options.


A deposit of 50% must be paid with in five days of the listing/auction ending.
The rest must be paid with in two month of winning the listing/auction.
I will not start on a costume until the full amount is paid up.

Payments are to be made via Bank Transfer.
I can accept PayPal but only if you pay their fees.

Shipping is FREE!
But remember that import duties, taxes, and charges are the buyer's responsibility.
Check with your countries customs office to determine what these additional costs may be or include.


If you have any questions please check through my FAQ page.
It'll have most topics covered and if not, feel free to give me a poke!

~Sparky ^^

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